Sunday, December 12, 2010

Had to say it was a good day.

Before I forget, it's Christmas season!  That means lots of office Christmas parties!  Guess where they hold them? 
In Milton Keynes, in the Hilton, in the ballroom, on floor two, right under my room!  Yay! 
Dinner at 8:00, disco starts at 10:00, last call at 12:30, bar closes at 1:00.
The DJ likes to warm up with "I got a feelin' (it's gonna be a good, good night)".  "Footloose" around 10:30, "Thriller" and "Dancin' (Yeah)" around 11:00.
Our Christmas party will be right here next week on Wednesday.  Help me figure out how to parlay this knowledge into cash...or drinks....

Met up with Billy from Junk Motorcycle Magazine who braved the cold on his Matchless.  I plan to meet up with him and the ex-Presidents after the holidays.
Tough to get stiff fingers to move in the right directions

Afterwards I ran some errands; got my hair cut and some shopping.  Now it's time to get everything packed up to move on tomorrow morning.  The only thing missing from this Gypsy lifestyle is a squeeze box. 
Monday I'm off to Cambridge to visit Hexcel where they make pre-peg composite material (carbon and Kevlar). 
Tuesday night I'll be back down to MK for a team meeting Wed. and the Christmas party Wed. night.
Thursday back up to Cambridge.  Where I'll stay until the 22nd.
On the 22nd I'll head back down to London; stay the night and pick up my sweetie the morning of the 23rd.
If nothing else this experience is teaching me efficiency in setting up and breaking down camp.  As an example I bought a shirt and tie for the Christmas party.  You shouldn't wear a shirt straight out of the package because it has sizing (Poly vinyl alcohol or polyacrylate) in the cotton and it will turn your neck cherry red.  Monday I won't get to the hotel in Cambridge until after the laundry drop off and will be leaving before they can launder and deliver a shirt.  So, I leave my new shirt here, check out in the morning and pick it up Tues. night when I check back.  Sounds complicated but that's how you get shit done sometimes.
Ultimately, I think it'd be wise to pack up some of my crap (t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, books and paperwork) and send it home. 
See you soon on Hoarders-UK.


  1. It looks like I mighta put on a pound over Xmas - Billy Whiz November 2010

  2. Chris, My Uncle lives in Milton Keynes.

  3. Does you uncle like motrocycles and girls with tattoo's?