Saturday, December 11, 2010

fail, Fail, FAIL!!!!

London was a complete failure today.  But before I get into that.  I bet many of you were wondering if I'm actually interacting with live human beings?  Or, am I just walking around the countryside taking pictures of places people died, killed or worshiped in?
Behold..... Some of the guys I've been working with the past couple of weeks; AJ (Jacko), Wayne, Steve, Aiden, Teagh and Jim.  English, Welsh, Welsh, Irish, Irish and English again.  The English and Welsh have started reading the blog.  The Irish can't afford internet service (zing).
This was Monday night after work.  I took my shirt off, I'm not proud.  Those are some big Italian beers on the table!  We were talking about tattoo's.....
Take a look at AJ's face, I put my shirt back on....

Wednesday was in the Industrial N'th.  nothing to show.
Thursday I was graciously invited to Julian's for some drinking.  Domino's pizza, beer, Family Guy and Robot Chicken!  Just like being at home except he laughed at Blue Harvest (not like some people who know who you are, Gena).

Back to today.  The plan was to take one of the sightseeing buses around London to get the lay of the land and take the touristy pictures. 
Fail and fail.

On the way out I meet these people... interesting.  As I tour London I meet more and more and they, unlike me get drunker and drunker.  By 6:00 (18:00) there's several hundred of them around Trafalgar Square singing Christmas songs, drinking cans of Carling's and wishing everyone a very, merry Christmas.
Walking back to the train depot I spotted long lines of paddy wagons pointed towards Trafalgar Sq.  I'll update once the news report hits.

Alright, into London proper.  Get off train, look for Tourist Information center to buy bus ticket.  "No?  It's on the opposite side of the city?  I guess I'll walk."  At least when I find it I'll get to sit and take some pictures.  Particularly when the sun pops out. 
No and no.
Hey, here's a picture of a guy taking a picture of some old shit!

Here's a picture of a guy taking a picture of some different old shit.

 Maybe if I move my seat I'll get a better vantage point?  Nope, here's the elbow of a guy taking a picture of some Royal shit.

I finally stood up at a stoplight to get a picture of something without someone in it.

Here's a monument commemorating the great London fire!  See the gold top representing the flames?  What?!  That's like Chicago erecting a monument to Mrs. O'Leary's cow!  Or the National Park Service department erecting a monument to Custer at Little Bighorn.  talk about fail....

London bridge, everyone happy?  It's like the Brooklyn (or the George Washington Bridge, or the Mackinac bridge, or the I-10 bridge) only much smaller.

 Trafalgar Square, couple of tourists....

Tired of the cold and blocked shots I got off of the bus and hoofed it. Figured I get better pictures, find a pub, etc., etc. 
Fail and fail!
Hyde Park's Christmas village and Winter Wonderland.  This was a zoo and a colossal mistake.  I only made it halfway in before leaving (that's what she said)

London's inferior clock tower.  The story is that my company bid on Big Ben project (Big Ben is technically the 12(?) ton bell inside) and lost.  So we built a bigger (albeit less extravagant) clock tower in Milwaukee.  Yours truely has had cocktails in it!

Here's what it looks like in the daytime.

The difference between the two photos is about 5 hours.  That's how long it took me to get completely lost, walk 4 miles in the wrong direction and then back again.  In a city that's only 1 square mile that's quite feat! 

I don't know what the plans are for tomorrow?  I'm going to meet up with the publisher of a motorcycle magazine and some bikers for breakfast.  Maybe I'll skip London for the day and do something that involves drinking and machinery.

Post Script - Reading the preview of this post I realize that it comes off kind of whiny.  I know it is but I'm f'ing destroyed having walked 12+ miles humping this laptop around.  Until the Club sandwich 5 minutes ago, the only thing I'd eaten was a fruit plate, a beer and an Old Fashioned.  I'll try London again but in smaller doses, without a laptop and with a plan.

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