Friday, December 3, 2010

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner

Not much to report, I spent all day in the plant.  However, it was a beautiful morning in Cardiff

 A pint of bitter with some olives and crisps before dinner.  I have never, in my life eaten green olives until now.  Don't know if it's the olives, the setting or a maturing palette but I'm digging them now.
What to order for my starter?

Fresh homemade pate with the rocket salad, cranberry compote and toast points.  This was so good I volunteered to force feed the geese.  "I've got the syringe guys!"

 Finally got my roast turkey dinner.  Why yes that is a little pork sausage wrapped in bacon on top.
I got all caught up in dessert and didn't take a picture of the Christmas pudding until it was too late....

In sadder news... My PBR toothbrush just isn't cutting it anymore.  Old and busted, meet the new hotness.

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