Sunday, December 12, 2010

Connections, not by coincidence

Check out the second floor meeting rooms at my hotel. 
Endeavour, Discovery and Enterprise.  Three ships of the Royal Navy that served during the Revolutionary war. 
Or as I prefer to think of them, three surviving Space Shuttle orbiters (OV-105, 103 and 101 respectively).
Explorer, Voyager and Pioneer.  Three more ships that sailed under the crown (English, Australian and English respectively).
Again as I prefer, three American satellites.  The first in space, the deepest still operational and Pioneer 10 and 11 are the ones with the gold records depicting man, earth sounds and history.

Endeavour, Discovery and Enterprise were delivered to NASA from the Palmdale, CA plant of Rockwell International, the predecessor of the company I work for!

Of course "Voyager 6" was the sentient machine (V'ger) encountered by NCC-1701, the USS Enterprise in Star Trek.  A fictionalized version of the 2 Voyager probes above.

I thought it was more interesting than the Clydesdale room.


  1. I don't know..have you seen the amount of shit a Clydesdale horse leaves?

  2. It would have been even better if you posted this blog in Klingon.