Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cardiff Castle

Looking South from my hotel the castle is 5 miles away in the depression in the middle of the photo.  When I got back the weather had cleared enough to see but the light was fading fast. 

The North gatehouse was rebuilt.  The original was laid on top of the original Roman walls from about 50 AD.  The Norman castle was built around 1100.

Through the North gatehouse looking at the Southern barbican.

 From one of the castle towers looking over the green.  There were several hoardings (timber buildings atached to the castle walls) and houses / shops on the green protected by the fortification.  The small wall in the center of the green divided it in half into a common area and an area just for nobility.  The wall as much larger than it is now, 20 feet high and 15 feet wide with windows and doorways like the castle walls.

 Looking at the Keep from inside the castle wall near the Northern gatehouse.

The trebuchet is powered by 1 ton of weight (rocks and mud) and can throw a 500 lb. boulder over the North wall.  My guide was very proud to inform me that it takes 6 men to operate it; 1 operator, 3 pullers and 2 rachet men and that they can fire it 4 times a minute.

 Inside of the castle wall tunnels.

 The grounds, wall and moat on the West side of the Keep near the house.

 The Union Jack flying over one of the castle towers.  This is where I took the 4th photo from.

 The house.

 The dining hall.  I took a bunch of pictures but they didn't come out because you can't use a flash indoors.

The Keep from in front of the house.

The Welsh flag flying from the Keep and 100 steps I couldn't go up because of the ice (fuggers could have mentioned that before....)


  1. Nice blog fag.

    How was the Greene King IPA? Looks like it said 3.6% on the placard.

    How was the local single malt?


  2. The IPA's are really mild, like an ESB over there. I haven't had a really hoppy beer yet. Lots of places make their own beer but there's a distinction between "country pub" and "microbrewery". I assume it has to do with package sales. I'm going to seek out some microbreweries this weekend.
    The Whiskey is awesome.