Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 Countries In 2 Days

Hi Gena! Bye London.

The Cliffs of Dover.  Taking the Ferry accross the North Sea to Calais. 
(Insert pictures of France here).  North of Calais isn't that pretty and we wanted to get moving.

 The Christmas Market in Brugge.

Fucking Brügge.

Gena settling into her position as navigator.
No pictures  of the Netherlands either.  It was dark and we were only there for an hour.

Good morning Bonn!  Unfotunately we missed Makeda who was on her way to Berlin. 

Put your hands up for Detroit.  Vanessa's dad flying the flag.

Settled in at the neigbbors party in Darlingerode.  Now we drink!

Time for bed.

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