Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner 25/11/2010

BTW-the night started off with a really nice Skype back home to the whole family.

Yeah, the date thing's annoying...
 I don't know if anyone cares about what I had for dinner but what the hell.  If you reading this then you're probably aware that I think food and drink is muy importante!
It has been 2 and a half weeks since I had pizza with the exception of a few gas station quality slices at the buffet in Mexico.  What I wouldn't give for a crunchy, crust, chewy, nuclear hot slice of heaven........  To add insult to injury today I had to recommend Piece to a co-worker headed for Chicago and almost cried :(

Instead of turkey and gravy it was fish and chips for me. This place is called the Living Room and it's right next to my hotel. Very high-end, lots of suits/skirts sipping martini's. A prick bent out of shape because his Port was served in the wrong glass (really, Port?  Where's your purse?). To top it off, a piano player playing a very Tesh-like version of the Commodores Easy (Like a Sunday Morning).
To be fair, this was probably the best fish I've ever eaten. You can see it was a huge piece of Cod (I'd already eaten half), mushy peas, basket of thick cut fries, etc, etc. 
Generally in a pub you'd order and pay for your drinks and dinner then go sit down at a table.  When I asked to sit at the bar and start a tab they looked at me like I had a bone through my nose.
I am pleased to report that the bar service and selection has been more than satisfactory. Saw my bartender bitch his "mate" out because he couldn't find the "good" bitters for the Old Fashoned that he was making.  I'll have to spend some time investigating the cocktail culture.
Instead, washed it all down with a couple of Green King IPA's and called it a night!
25/11/2010 (next day) - Sitting at my hotel bar writing this post and I ordered a pizza.
Hi, I'd like the "build your own pizza with pepperoni and a Stella".
"You like Margarita Pizza with blubberoni and beer?"
It'll do until something better comes along.

This weekend I'm going to play tourista.  The train station is just a couple of blocks from my hotel. I'll pick up a rail pass to London and an Underground pass to visit the sites.  (in case you weren't aware, I'm not in London, I'm about 50 miles North-NorthWest in Milton-Keynes).

The local guys have given me a head start on the itinerary:

Covent Garden Tourist Area
  • Punch & Judy Pub - lunch
  • Museum of London
  • Maple Leaf Tavern - "good Canadian beer and spicy wings" (why?)
  • Tower of London/London Bridge
  • Vinopolis - "Tour of Europe; 1-1/2 hour long tasting of regional wine, beer, port and spirits ending with the Absinthe Luge."
  • Some other museum
  • Southwark Market - Old time indoor/outdoor market.  "you can get anything there"
If all goes well I'll plan to do the same thing Sunday so everyone can "ohhh" and "ahhh" over the postcard pictures.

Well there I go again, monopolizing the conversation and you haven't said anything.  You can post comments.  If you can't you do have my email address and I'll fix it.  Doesn't anyone want to know what mushy peas taste like?  -or- What is floor "0"? 

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  1. At least you found your pizza.

    And at this point my jealousy is turning into hatred.