Friday, November 26, 2010

Misunderstood cultural references #1

They don't get the dollar store references. 
The light just went on.....
They don't get "trailer park" either.
Irish = White Trash
Fanny = Vagina
Flannel = Washcloth
Fag = Cigarette
Fagged = Tired
Faggott = Sausage (funnier when the cooking show host says "my meat looks like a faggot")
Knock Up = Visit but "Knocking"means exactly what you think it means
...and contrary to popular belief "eraser" does not mean condom.  However "rubber" does mean eraser.

In a completely unrelated story that my mom will appreciate... I was driving though an industrial/retail are near the office to buy some safety shoes.  Right in the middle of the urban jungle there's a small horse farm and stables.  6-7 Draft horses (Shire's?) were munching away in this little field right in the middle of semi trucks and warehouses.  No fence around the field either.... Maybe they have horse sized Invisible Fence collars?  I'll try to snap a picture later.

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