Saturday, November 27, 2010

...and hilarity ensues

I would like a ticket on the train to Covent Gardens (tourist spot in London). 
Hmmm, this train looks like it goes in the wrong direction.  Maybe it turns back south?

Milton Keynes is in the middle.

London is on the bottom.

Coventry, on the top, in the Cotswolds is where I landed.

Change of plans!  Lets check out Coventry instead!  In hindsight I wasn't a terrible way to get introduced to the train system and tourism in the UK.

Coventry was the site of the most devastating Axis bombing in the UK.  On November 14, 1940 the Germans leveled the town and their 11th century cathedral.
The belltower is 295 feet to the top.  220'+/- up a tight spiral staircase to the observation platform.  I had to take off my backpack and hug the wall to allow people to pass by.
The original Abbey.

 The Abbey from the bell tower
The new Coventry cathedral.  The city of coventry is sister cities with Bremen Germany, the site of the most devastating Allied bombing campaign in Germany.  The partnership represents forgiveness, rebuilding, blah, blah, blah......
The church features a large cross wired together after the bombing from two burned roof timbers.

Coventry Transport Museum.  Free, large and really entertaining.

This style of motorcycle; a dirt-tracker, flat-tracker or just a "Tracker" is envogue with bike builders these days.  Minimal fenders, equal sized tires front and back, track bars and miniscule gas tank.
This one is from 1925 but looks like something from "Hot Chopper"!  Everything old is new again.

 Thrust SSC!  Richard Noble's record breaking LSR (land speed record) car.  Piloted by ex-RAF pilot Andy Green to an average of 766 mph, breaking the sound barrier on land in October of 1997.
 Look, boobs!  Lady Godiva, purportedly riding to free the folks of Coventry from her husbands oppressive taxation.  Tea-baggers take note...
 The Coventry Bier Keller.  Big Bavarian-style beer garden in the midst of tourista bliss (t-shirt shops and a Subway).  A Warsteiner please and I'm on my way.

Post Script - I haven't felt myself assuming the dialect like Madonna at all.  If anything, speaking with a definite American accent causes people to slow down and pay attention to you.
On my way to the cathedral this morning I stopped on the sidewalk to let a family with a stroller (and screaming child) pass by.  Across the street, sitting in front of the bus depot were a bunch of teenagers.  Who, took this opportunity to throw snowballs at the stroller, the parents and my own person.
This image popped into my head; ("Wots all this then?  Ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence?)
Don't get out of the boat, never get out of the boat.


  1. Your pictures are absolutely amazing. Gena said she thinks you're just taking postcards and scanning them to the blog - LOL.

  2. I would have whoop those kids.