Monday, December 10, 2012

Halloween Party

Saturday, November 3rd - Fenny Stratford

Yep, I know, a month late.....

It all started with a cunning plan to get the women folk interested in going out to the Halloween party at the local pub.  If the guys had a theme costume figured out then the women would feel obliged and everyone wins!  Friar Tuck, monks "bring out your dead", and other mass themes were explored.....
Instead we decided to build a coffin and throw Mike in it!  When John went to the local lumber yard they agreed to build it for us if we donated to their cancer charity.  A collection raised, and we ended up with a coffin.

I'd spent a year living off of everyone else's hospitality so I decided this time I'd host the dinner before the pub party.  Terry and Anita tucking in.

Chicken Gumbo, Red Beans and Rice, loads of bread, butter and hot sauce.  2 gallons of Hurricanes were drained in less than an hour!

L-R: Martin, Ritchie, "Big" Miek (hidden behind), "Little" John, Me, Ella, "Big" John, Gena.

 Good start to the evening, everyone plied with food and drink, hanging out, playing guitar, making inappropriate jokes......

Reformed zombie pall-bearers: John, Martin, Me, Ritchie, Ella, Mike, John, Gena.

Around 9 we headed down to the pub with our coffin in tow.

Carried it through the crowd and set Mike up in the corner.  Don't all coffins come with a beverage table?  Ours did.

Then John thought it'd be funny to nail it shut and tape up the window.  I almost lost it until I found out the nails weren't long enough to go all the way through the door!

Ritchie and his doppleganger.

Everyone took a turn in the coffin.

In fact we raised another 80 quid by asking for a donation to have you pic taken in it.

I think I paid about 30 of that myself.

Mike with "little James".  A Halloween decoration we fished out of the canal, one we think favors our friend James.  Little James is currently residing on my kitchen table waiting for his head to be reattached.

Someone forgot he was wearing makeup and wiped his greasy face with a towel....

The next morning, I dropped Gena off at the airport to fly home and then met the guys at the pub.  The pub was closed but we retrieved the coffin to take back to mine.  Originally to sell on eBay and donate the proceeds, but now I'm sort of holding on to it in case someone wants to keep it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Trip Out

Friday, September 7th - Bedfordshire

The Trip Out is a ride and camp bike show in the same vein as the Hayride and Born Free.  Big on bikes and hanging out, small on schedules and rules.

Monday afternoon TC sent me a text:
"Trip out this weekend?"
"Could do, Sun?"
"Me and Tom are going Friday night and Saturday..."
"What are we talking about?"
"The trip out" hahaha, it's an event!!!
"I'm getting this now"

In spite of being in Ireland all week, having no tent or a ticket, etc. we figured it out and set off to Bedfordshire with minutes to spare.

The quality on diplay was amazing!  For the most part these weren't trailer queens, most were built my amateurs in their garages.

Even this modern Evo is well done to a classic style.

Sumo's Panther, the "Test Mule" is for sale.  That is definitely something worth bringing back to the States.

Ed (the dog) and Mark are usual suspects at bike shows and auto jumbles.  Ed's not the most cooperative photographic subject.

You really can't beat the cheap and cheerful service! - Prospect Ed.

Tom(bo)'s a friend, but sometimes I think that he's a bad influence.

As The Black Tibetans kicked off at the Dice party, a mosh pit broke out.  It's time to kick off the flip flops and hide behind your big friend.

Burlesque broke out as well but low light and unsteady hands made for poor pictures.

Prerequisite big friend (TC) and Guy(?) discussin Tom's first trycycle.

Me and the W-W-N-W-W bike.  I'm still not clear what W-W-N-W-W stands for but that may be the point.

A large contingent of VW bus owners were parked near the toilets.  They seemed to weather the foot traffic all right.  A very calm group, they are.

I was having a great time!

Dudes need other dudes.

Somehow I felt that this was OK to do.....  Tom(bo) didn't remember taking this picture, or the other one, or any of them for that matter.

I on the other hand do remember taking this picture, but I thought it was a Triumph until I downloaded the photos..

Pretending to be Lemmy on day one was a mistake.  Good night.

Saturday, September 8th

The next morning I had a fry up and 3-4 cups of coffee and set off to greet the morning sun.  As I said before the quality of bikes, even daily riders was amazing. 

I personally think that we may be in the midst of the greatest era in cutom motorcycling.  I think that there are more vintage bikes on the road, and on average they're in better condition than ever before.

The object of every mans desire, the Knucklehead.

There's nothing better than a quality Sportster.

A caretaker mentality has developed where guys see their role as a restorer and improver before inevitable passing on of the bike to someone else.

"Bikes are like girlfriends, they're not really yours, it's just your turn."

I didn't take enough pictures of the rods at the show but like the bikes, it was hard to find fault.  Even incomplete, the quality of the build is impressive.

It was hot though, not great for hangovers, or little white dogs.

New friends Tim and Scarlett (and some others) head off for a drive in Tim's lovely '32 Chevy.

Speaking of Chevy's, this step-side pulled in with a Flattie strapped down to the bed.  What a perfect combo!

Sign painter Nico here dropped TC's bike yesterday and broke the shift lever.  So it was immediately taken off and handed over to the Widows for a bolt extractor and replacement toe peg/bolt.

We admired some more bikes while we waited, Indians...

And Harley's.

And we refreshed ourselves in the most manly way possible.  With slushies out of definitely not phallic plastic cups.

The Tiger Moth was the first of 2 fly overs on Saturday.  The second was an Alpha Jet from the Red Arrows display team.  Pretty cool for a bunch of bearded weirdos hanging out in a farmers field.

I would call this half-fixed, the pinch bolt was lost in hand off from one guy to the next, to the next.  It's pretty cool how everyone jumps in to help but you can only do so much.  However, a bolt and some safety wire will have do until TC gets home.

Adios amigos.